Remote Telepathology Diagnosis in Live Real-Time

Telemedicine System-
Secure- Live- Full 1080p HD

Share vibrant HD Images in LIVE real-time for Tissue-
Specific, Frozen Section Diagnosis – Including Gross –
with the iMedHD™ Telepathology System.

Key Benefits for Physicians

• Diagnostic quality images
• Live, real-time, HD performance
• Intuitive and easy to use
• Improve productivity
• Reduce travel costs and time
• Faster diagnosis and treatment decisions
• Efficient collaboration with colleagues
• Reduce or eliminate glass shipment costs
• No slide packing and breakage

Key Benefits for Administrators

• Grow business, start or expand outreach services
• Improve profitability
• Reduce travel and shipping costs
• Create an effective and efficient medical facility

Key Benefits for IT Departments

• HIPAA compliant
• Highly secure
• Token passing
• Audit trails
• VPN implementation
• No IP addresses sharing
• Encrypted, live images

Key Benefits for Patients

• Less waiting and anxiety
• Greater access to expert physicians
• Better treatment decisions
• Rapid results and diagnosis
• High quality healthcare experience